Mission Statement

   Our mission is to provide quality art instruction to children after school that goes above and 

beyond the expectations of both children, their parents, and respective principals or supervisors in 

the facilities where the art instruction is taking place.

  Our goal is to provide a positive uplifting environment of creativity, raising children’s self-esteem 

through encouragement.

  The “Wow Factor” is an important element to Art Smarts, helping to keep art projects fresh, interests peaked and motivating students.

Lesson Plans and Art Mediums

    Art Smarts has several lesson plans which if never repeated, can go on for approximately 4 years.  

This way the student can continually learn different things in art. There are several lessons 

pertaining to animals, from birds and reptiles to wild animals and even cats and dogs. which is

always a favorite. Art Smarts has a wide variety of lesson plans including landscapes, seascapes, 

portraiture, still life, design and even abstract painting. We also teach some cartooning as well as 

Manga, Japanese wide eyed cartooning, a favorite in the Middle Schools. 

    We draw and paint using all sorts of mediums. Colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, aqua 

crayons, and watercolor pencils are some of the many explored mediums. We may use colored

paper, canvas boards, watercolor paper and even show them how to recycle brown paper bags into

faux animal hides. Whatever the lesson, the kids just love to take art classes with Art Smarts.

  Art Smarts teaches in several schools, both elementary and middle, ages from 5-12.